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Support Other Creators!

~Comics and Novels to Read!~

Here is a list of people who's work I am interested in or have already started reading. Though I am busy, I love supporting other creators when I'm not writing or drawing. Check these folks out when you have the time. If you'd like for me to check out your novel or comic, feel free to email me @ [sidhedustillust.gmail.com], or just plug it on my profile.

~JK Comic~

Summary from the creator's site:

Jacky and Katherine are 2 girls navigating queerness and neurodivergency, healing, and their place in the world. When you feel so deeply damaged, can you learn to function in adulthood and care for another terrified soul? Can you rebuild yourself from nothing but rubble and an extra hand? Maybe. I guess we'll see.


~Stray Heirs~

Summary rom the creator's site:

When an embittered outlaw kidnaps a wilful princess, two kingdoms are brought to the brink of war.

Life as the Crown Princess of Thronheim can get a little dull. That is, until you're abducted by a brutal criminal and embroiled in a plot to overthrow your own father. Can you survive the monstrosities of the Twisted Forest, save your best friend's life, escape an evil sorcerer, and stop a war?

A slightly dark romantic fantasy interactive novel.


~Capax Infini~

Summary the creator's site:

Ab Initio is on the brink of collapse due to an apocalyptic Final Impact heralded by all-powerful Harbingers. 14 years later, the Primes of the Void have been prophecied to battle the forces of the Nothing; but, unfortunately, these five Primes couldn't care less about saving the world. In this sprawling adventure set over 20 years, they learn that there is more to the Final Impact than meets eye—and discover truths about the powers they've been gifted that lay bare the inner working of the world they thought they knew...

*Sidhedust's Note: Intended for mature audiences.


~Daily Dad Diaries~

Summary the creator's site:

Daily Dad Diaries is a fantasy story about two dads trying to raise their three magical daughters.

A slice of life/comedy told chronologically out of order through diary entries. Have fun piecing their story together!

Also available to read on [ComicFury!]


~The Weave~

Summary the creator's site:

Tally Llewellyn can't catch a break. She's bounced from job to job after she lost her college tuition, but she hasn't been able to find work in months and the patience of her family and friends is running thin. She's nearly out of money and down to her last nerve when things finally seem like they're about to turn around. At last she finds a job waitressing at a bar called the Black Horn, run by a woman named Xenia Maes, but what Tally doesn't realise is that her troubles are only just beginning and soon nothing will ever be the same.

The Weave is an urban fantasy murder mystery, updating Tuesdays and Thursdays.

*Sidhedust's Note: The Weave is on hiatus, has been ever since the pandemic started.