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~Welcome to the Atelier!~

21/Bi/NB (Genderfluid, Any Pronouns)/Black

Hi, I'm Sidhedust, and welcome to my site, the Fairydust Atelier! I like to share my stories with folks on the internet. Most things I make are free to consume, with paying being optional.

This is my home base of sorts, where all links on where to find my stuff can be found. I go by Sidhedust as an individual artist, but Fairydust Atelier when publishing/selling work since it sounds better and allows for me to better credit those who help on my projects alongside me.

Below you can find a few of these links to my work and where to read them-just click the titles.

~List of Projects~

Tovera Chronicles: The Little Guild on The Hill

An urban fantasy VN set in the equivalent of our 1950's, following a working class woman named Luana Hoapilli and the prince of the titular kingdom, Prince Floris. Follow the pair and their journey through magedom, political turmoil, and healing in this comic about the demons we all face and how love helps us survive and thrive.

Tovera Chronicles: Kamikakushi

A young mage, Maeveren, is finishing his school year with his graduation assignment. Feeling bold, he goes to an ancient ruin, a city known as Santenica, that fell for unknown reasons. His job is to bring back relics and the like and make a presentation on it to help fuel research on ancient Toverian societies. On the first night of his expedition, however, the city comes to life, and despite the warnings of an unknown voice, he waltzes right in, thinking that the city is lost in time and beckoning him to see life in Santenica as it was...unfortunately for him, it ends up being a den for spirits, and to his horror, he is stuck there. Will Maeveren make it back to the mortal world? How will he navigate the world parallel to ours when living with humans is all he has ever known?


Speedpaints of the work I do for my world/characters, and streams that...are usually me drawing for the world and characters too. For speedpaints, the link is to the whole playlist. Speedpaints are long, around 20-30 minutes, so feel free to use it as an extra music player. For streams, it's an embed vid below the playlist, and it'll play whatever stream I'm hosting, or it'll show upcoming ones.


I do post on socials-I gotta get the word out somehow, after all! Below you can find links to where you can find me.

My Tumblr

A Professional-esque Twitter

Donate, if you'd like!