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~Welcome to the Atelier!~

20/Bi/NB (Genderfluid, Any Pronouns)/Black

Hi, I'm Sidhedust, and welcome to my site, the Fairydust Atelier! I like to share my stories with folks on the internet.

This is my home base, where I keep all of my crap together. Here, you can find where to check out my stuff, my inspirations, and my thoughts on creating and the like. It makes a good get away from social media, which can be a little stressful.

Below are links to my work and where to read them-just click the titles. Most things I make are free to listen to and read, so go bonkers. Some of my works come as pdfs, formatted like a book, so anticipate some downloads!

~List of Projects~

Tovera Chronicles: The Little Guild on The Hill

An urban fantasy manga set in the equivalent of our 1950's, following a working class woman named Luana Hoapilli and the prince of the titular kingdom, Prince Floris. Follow the pair and their journey through magedom, political turmoil, and healing in this comic about the demons we all face and how love helps us survive and thrive.

Also on ComicFury!

Tovera Chronicles: The Ichor of Santenica (TBA)

In this one shot light novel, four children, a jaded, mature witch boy, the son of two wayob healers, the daughter of one of Santenica's sage families, and a seemingly normal human girl must band together to save an ancient creator god from succumbing to his wounds, which he mysteriously caught during his stay in the Spiritground known as Santenica. Will they save him from his pain? Or will he pass on, his heart being taken to the depths of Mictlan for reincarnation?

Tovera Chronicles: The Siofra of Keona and the Óstán Next Door (TBA)

A visual novel that explores the protagonist's backstory. Follow Luana on her journey to the fairy realm to the comic's prologue! Made in Renpy. The link above links to a page where you can play an embedded version of it.


Speedpaints of the work I do for my world/characters, and streams that...are usually me drawing for the world and characters too. For speedpaints, the link is to the whole playlist. Speedpaints are long, around 20-30 minutes, so feel free to use it as an extra music player. For streams, it's an embed vid below the playlist, and it'll play whatever stream I'm hosting, or it'll show upcoming ones.